Conference Papers

First launched in 2013, the Steel Innovations Conference provides a forum for structural engineers, steel industry representatives, academics and students to share the latest knowledge in the design and construction of steel structures.

Here you can access papers presented at Steel Innovations in 2013 and 2015 which cover a number of key topics including seismic engineering, composite steel construction, fire engineering, durability, sustainability, cost-effective design and stability.

Steel Innovations 2015

The online papers from our Steel Innovations Conference 2015 are available via the links below:

Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frames – Connecting Research and Practice
Research on Seismic Performance of Steel Structures
MacRae & Clifton
A Practitioners Guide to Design and Delivery of Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frame Structures
Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct Case Study
Oliver & Pettinga
A Comparison of Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Loading on Performance of Buckling Restrained Braces
Low Damage Design for Split Level Carpark – Hazeldean Business Park
Early Failure of Gusset Plates in Buckling Restrained Brace Frames
Westeneng, Lee & MacRae
Analytical Study of Seismic Behaviour of Composite Slabs
Luo, Gholamhoseini & MacRae
Australian/New Zealand Standard for Composite Structures – AS NZS 2327 Seismic Provisions Development
Hysteretic Behaviour of Frame Using a Brace Equipped with an Asymmetrical Friction Connection
Xie, Chanchi Golondrino, MacRae, Chase, Rodgers & Clifton
Understanding the Value of Steel
An Innovative Approach to Wind Strengthening of a Cantilevered Stadium Roof – Yarrows Stadium
Twaddle & Van Bergen
Lean Startup Approach Identifies a New Value Proposition in Portal Frame Building Design
Mackay, Coyle & Cussen
Managing Weld Quality
Karpenko & McClintock
Seismic Design of Composite Structures – the AISC 2016 Seismic Provisions
Leon, Hajjar & Perea
AS NZS 2327 Composite Structures – A New Standard for Steel-Concrete Composite Buildings
Hicks & Uy
The Upcoming AS NZS 5131 Structural Steelwork Fabrication and Erection Standard
Key & Fussell
The Application of Advanced Finite Element Analysis for Structural Fire Design
Lim & Feeney
Limit Capacity of Edge and Corner Composite Slabs in Fire Conditions
Abu & Duchow
Structural Fire Design for Steel Framed Carparks
Lim & Feeney
Analysis of the Sustainability Credentials of Higher Strength Structural Steel Compression Members
Ng & Syam
Determination of the Required Part-Turn of the Nut with Respect to the Number of Free Threads at Loaded Face of the Fully Tensioned High Strength Friction Grip Property Class 8.8 Bolts
Ramhormozian, Clifton & Nguyen
Development of a Ratcheting, Tension-Only Fuse Mechanism for Seismic Energy Dissipation
Cook, Rodgers, MacRae & Chase
Effects of Column Splice Location on Seismic Demands in Steel Moment Frames Considering Splice Flexibility
Tork Ladani, MacRae & Chase
Behaviour of External Diaphragm Connections for Square CFST Columns Under Bidirectional Loadings
Tjahjanto, MacRae, Abu, Clifton, Beetham & Mago
Brittle Fracture Assessment of Seismic Connections Using Modified BS 7910 Approach
Karpenko, Baumgartner & Mago
Composite Slab Effects on Beam-Column Subassembly Seismic Performance
Chaudhari, MacRae, Bull, Chase, Hicks, Clifton & Hobbs
Numerical Analysis of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns with Plain and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Infill
Ukanwa, Clifton, Lim, Hicks & Sharma
Stiffness of Composite CFST Columns
Gharahshir, Gholamhoseini, MacRae & Clifton
Ultimate Strength of Reinforced and Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) Continuous Composite Slabs (An Experimental Study)
Gholamhoseini, Khanloo, MacRae, Scott, Hicks & Leon
Effects of Out of Plane Strength and Stiffness of Composite Floor Slabs on the Inelastic Response of Eccentrically Braced Frame
Momtahan & Clifton
A Simplified Method for Calculation of Long-Term Deflections in Composite Slabs
Gholamhoseini, Gilbert & Bradford
Steel Moment Frame with Supplemental Fluid Viscous Dampers – 12 Moorehouse Ave – A Case Study
Brown, Uno, Stratford & Thompson
The Delivery of the New Christchurch Bus Interchange
Gledhill, Alegria da Silva & Marks






Steel Innovations 2013

The online papers from our Steel Innovations Conference 2013 are available via the links below:

A Design Office Approach to Supplemental Damping Using Fluid Viscous Dampers
Pettinga, Oliver & Kelly
Application of seismic loss assessments – Reinforced Concrete or Steel
Thomson, Woodhead, Dhakal, Lin, Yeow & Macrae
AS NZS 2327 Composite Structures – A New Standard for Composite Steel Concrete Building
Base Connections Seismic Sustainability and Base Flexibility Effects
Borzouie, Rodgers, MacRae, Chase, Clifton & Moghadam
Buckling Restrained Braces – Research and Implementation in Taiwan
Tsai, Lin, Wu & Chuang
Buckling Restrained Braces – Standards Developments and Innovative Applications
Case Study – Elevate Apartments – A Rocking 15 Storey Apartment Building
Tait, Sidwell & Finnegan
Characterisation of Velocity Effects, Corrosion Coatings and Shim Materials on Initial Performance and Degradation of Sliding Steel Friction Connections
Causse, Rodgers, Chase, Chanchi, MacRae & Clifton
Cold-Formed Steel Columns Subject to Local Buckling at Elevated Temperatures
Gunalan, Bandula Heva & Mahendran
Composite Steel-Concrete Construction for New Zealand
Chunhaviriyakul, MacRae, Anderson, Clifton & Leon
Concentric Braced Frames with AFC Connections – A Designers’ View
Leslie, Gledhill & Moghaddassi
Covering the Field – Design and Construction of Forsyth Barr Stadium Roof
Design of Integral Steel Ladder Deck Bridges in New Zealand – A Case Study of Gilchrist Street Bridge
Idel, Wiles & Chin
Design of LSF Wall Studs Under Fire Conditions
Gunalan & Mahendran
Design of Replaceable-Link Eccentric Braced Frames in Post-Earthquake Christchurch
Ramsay, Fussell & Wilkinson
Design of the Linked Column Frame Structural System – A New Zealand Application
Fussell, Dusicka, Clifton & Wong
Experimental Tests of Internal Composite Steel Frames Against Progressive Collapse
Yang & Tan
Fire Performance of LSF Walls Made of Hollow Flange Section Studs
Kesawan & Mahendran
Footfall Induced Vibration in Long Space Composite Steel Beams Used in Two Projects at the University of Auckland
Patel & Built
Harbour City Centre Wellington – Seismic Strengthening
Thornton, Davies & Cattanach
Hysteresis Characteristics of Circular Pipe Steel Damper Using LYP225
Abebe, Kim & Choi
Innovative Use of Buckling Restrained Braces at the University of Auckland 
Beazley & Built
Kaituna River Bridge – Tauranga Eastern Link – Composite steel bridge design case study
Edwards Rajasingh Lipscombe
Kilmore Street Medical Centre – Application of a Post-Tensioned Steel Rocking System
Latham, Reay & Pampanin
Low Damage Design of Steel Structures
MacRae & Clifton
Manukau Institute of Technology Building Case Study
New Coatings Technology
New Insights into Steel Building Performance from the Christchurch Natural Laboratory
Clifton & MacRae
Performance, Damage Assessment and Repair of a Multistorey Eccentrically Braced Framed Building Following the Christchurch Earthquake Series
Gardiner, Clifton & MacRae
Product Conformity and Conformity Assessment to get the Steel Specified
Ng, Syam & Taylor
Recent Research on Two Low Damage Dampers Applicable to Steel Framing Systems
Chanchi, MacRae, Chase, Scott, Rodgers & Clifton
Robustness Considerations in Composite Design
Rocking Structure Design Considerations
MacRae & Clifton
Seismic Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Steel Sandwich Walls and Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns
Bruneau, Alzeni & Fouche
Seismic Design of Composite Metal Deck and Concrete-Filled Diaphragms – A Discussion Paper
Cowie, Hicks, MacRae, Clifton & Fussell
Seismic Structural Design with Jumbo Size Cold Formed Hollow Structural Section Column
Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls
Shear Performance of Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Khanlou, MacRae, Scott, Hicks & Clifton
Slab Column Interaction – Significant or Not
Hobbs, MacRae, Bull, Gunasekaran, Leon & Clifton
Stainless Steel in Bridges – A Discussion
El Sarraf, Mandeno & Xia
Steel Moment Frames with Sliding Hinge Joints – Lessons Learnt During Implementation
Gledhill, Sidwell, Khoo & Clifton
The Behaviour of Ceiling With Steel Furring During Earthquake
Motoyui & Sato
The New Joint Bridge Design Standard on Steel and Composite Construction – AS NZS 5100.6
The Performance and Remnant Life of Structural Steel in an Earthquake Damaged Building
Ferguson, Nashid, Clifton, Kral, Lopert & MacRae
Thermal Metal Spray for Bridges – A New Zealand Perspective
Weathering Steel Railway Bridges in New Zealand
Mulqueen & Grave
Weld Design Consideration for Bridge Girders – Weld Type, Quality and Cost
Karpenko, McClintock & Niedermayer
Westgate Footbridge, Auckland
McNeil & de Lautour



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