Design Guide for Rocking Steel Braced Frames

Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, there has been significant interest in using better performing seismic load-resisting systems.

Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frames (CRSBFs) are a special form of structural system that sustains less damage than conventional ductile approaches. The system dissipates ductile energy by controlled rocking, forming part of a low damage or recoverable structural solution.

Selecting and using rocking structural systems requires specialist knowledge of their behaviour, key parameters, and suitable analysis and design techniques to deliver the intended performance. Within New Zealand, only a handful of companies have successfully undertaken research and development to enable them to deliver CRSBFs as part of building projects.

Sponsored by SCNZ and industry, the Design Guide for Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frames (SCNZ – 110:2015) was conceived to facilitate the use of CRSBFs, enabling experienced structural engineers to consider and harness the potential benefits of this type of alternative structural system.

This Guide summarises recent research developments and gives designers general guidance on application, limitations and key considerations. It includes two worked preliminary design examples, relating to a load bearing and a non-load bearing steel braced frame, which will aid designers in the preliminary design to achieve frame sizes and consider the appropriate design effects.

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