Local Industry

New Zealand’s structural steel industry has been established for more than a century. Following years of investment in research, technology and people, the industry has both the capacity and the systems to deliver significant volumes of top-quality fabricated structural steel to building and infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand.

Since 2007, the New Zealand industry has invested substantially in new plant and technology with construction of six state-of-the-art workshops across the country. This commitment by New Zealand fabricators has boosted the industry’s capacity, efficiency and quality. Indeed, the industry is well placed to satisfy the high demand for prefabricated structural steel, which is now similar to the 2007 peak.

Today, structural steel’s market share is nearly 50% nationwide; in Christchurch, due to the material’s proven seismic performance, steel has grown its share of the multi-level construction market to almost 80%, up from virtually nil prior to the Canterbury earthquakes.

Led by the rebuilding of Christchurch and a fast-growing Auckland, New Zealand’s construction industry is set to experience its busiest period in more than 40 years. Local industry – characterised by innovation, value, certainty and quality – has kept pace.

Local industry: a snapshot

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