Over the last 10 years, New Zealand’s steel construction industry has undergone a renaissance and today its share of the New Zealand multilevel construction market is approximately 50%, and growing. This is not only thanks to the many beneficial properties of structural steel, but also to substantial investment by local firms in new technologies and management systems, which are revolutionising the construction industry worldwide.

A steel structure is the product of a highly skilled team, and each team member is essential to the overall success of the project. The structural steel sector boasts a wide variety of careers, and each offers challenging and rewarding opportunities.

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In addition to the six core roles in steel construction, there are many other roles in this exciting industry that are just as integral to the delivery of a successful steel project. These roles can be as varied as office-based administrators, truck drivers and site managers.

“It’s an industry where you never stop learning. If you are ready to accept the challenge and stay motivated, there are big opportunities.”
Mike Sullivan
Managing Director, D&H Steel Construction Ltd