SCNZ Structural Steel Distributor Charter

The Structural Steel Distributor Charter is the latest quality assurance initiative led by the structural steel industry, complementing the Steel Fabrication Certification scheme launched in 2014.

The Charter ensures that structural steels supplied to the local steel construction sector are sourced using best-practice procurement; it represents a mark of excellence for structural steel distributors in New Zealand.



The Charter covers the sourcing of steels for structural and general engineering applications.

These include:Structural long sections – hot rolled (UB, UC, PFC) and structural hollow

  • Plate product.
  • Merchant bars, sections (angle and flat) 100mm and larger.
  • Welded sections.



The initiative requires that chartered structural steel distributors operate a Quality Management System (QMS) and satisfies an audit checklist.
Key audit requirements:

  • Undertake due diligence to ensure new suppliers are reliable and capable of producing product to the required standard.
  • Monitor supplier performance, including periodic review of inspection documentation and to assess supplier quality risk. If warranted, supplier-specific product sampling and independent test regime is developed.
  • Maintain traceability of product to inspection documentation, as required by the new Fabrication and Erection standard AS/NZS 5131.
  • Manage timely supply of inspection documentation with orders.
  • Engage competent personnel, including a qualified metallurgist or materials engineer to assist the company develop and implement their quality system.
  • The distributor must appoint an appropriately accredited QMS assessor with relevant experience to undertake the audit process. Auditors are
    required to be accredited to offer QMS certification by an appropriate party i.e. a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum’s Multilateral Recognition Agreement (e.g. JAS-ANZ).



Evidence of compliance with the Structural Steel Distributor Charter comprises a valid QMS certificate as well as written confirmation from the distributor’s assessor that the scope of certification meets the requirements of the initiative.

The following SCNZ Distributor members have been independently audited to satisfy the requirements of the SCNZ Structural Distributor Charter.

  • Alrite Steel & Services NZ Ltd
  • Fletcher Easysteel
  • H.J. Asmuss & Co Ltd
  • R.C. Macdonald
  • Steel & Tube
  • United Steel
  • Vulcan Steel Ltd
For a copy of the Structural Steel Distributor Charter fact sheet, please click here.


Structural steel distributors import structural steels for use in the construction industry. These companies have extensive facilities to warehouse large inventory and provide limited pre-processing of structural steels prior to fabrication. Processes include profile cutting of plate components or supplying long, cut-to-length sections such as universal beams and columns, channels, angles and hollow sections.

Structural steel is sourced directly from international steel mills or from overseas stockholders. Over half of the steel supplied is of Australian origin, with the remainder being sourced from Asia and South East Asia (South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia). The local structural steel sector consumes circa 110,000 tonnes of structural steel per annum.