The Bolt Importer Charter scheme is the latest steel construction industry quality assurance programme. This complements the Steel Fabrication Certification programme launched in 2014 and the Structural Steel Distributor Charter launched in 2019. The Bolt Importer Charter ensures that fasteners and anchor bolts supplied to the local steel construction sector are sourced using good procurement practice and represents a mark of excellence for bolt importers in New Zealand.


Charter Scope

The Charter covers the sourcing of structural fastener assemblies and threaded anchor rods to the following manufacturing standards:

  • Property class 8.8 structural fastener assemblies manufactured to AS/NZS 1252.
  • Property class 8.8 stud bolts manufactured to DIN 976-1.
  • Property class 8.8 and 10.9 structural fastener assemblies manufactured to EN 14399-3 HR.
  • Property class 8 nuts and hardened washers manufactured to AS/NZS 1252 (supplied with property class 8.8. stud bolts).


Charter Requirements

The Charter requires bolt importers to operate a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with the conditions of the scheme as verified by an independent audit.

The importer must appoint an assessor with relevant experience to undertake the audit process. Auditors are required to be either from HERA Certification or accredited to offer QMS certification by an appropriate party i.e. a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum’s Multilateral Recognition Agreement (e.g. JAS-ANZ).

Key audit requirements:

  • Undertake due diligence to ensure new suppliers are reliable and capable of producing product to the required standard. This includes a factory audit of the manufacturer’s quality system and verification testing of product from the first shipment.
  • Monitor supplier performance, including periodic review of inspection documentation and third-party verification testing of product from each shipment.
  • Maintain traceability of product to inspection documentation, as required by the new Fabrication and Erection standard AS/NZS 5131.
  • Manage timely supply of inspection documentation with orders. • Engage competent personnel.
  • Operate procedures for sourcing product from other bolt importers and intermediaries (e.g. trading houses).

Minimum new supplier due diligence and supplier quality monitoring verification test requirements are specified in the scheme implementation rules.



Evidence of compliance with the Bolt Importer Charter comprises a valid QMS certificate as well as written confirmation from the bolt importer’s assessor that the scope of certification meets the requirements of the scheme rules.

The following SCNZ Distributor member have been independently audited to satisfy the requirements of the SCNZ Bolt Importer Charter.

  • Steel & Tube
  • Würth New Zealand
  • Konnect Fastening Systems
For a copy of the Bolt Importer Charter fact sheet, please click here.

About Bolt Importers

Fastener suppliers import structural bolt assemblies and anchor bolts for use in constructional steelwork projects. These companies have warehouse facilities to hold large stock inventories. Fasteners are sourced directly from international fastener manufacturers or from Australian fastener suppliers for short-lead-time supply. High-strength bolt assemblies and property class 8.8 stud bolts used as anchor bolts are supplied to AS/NZS 1252 and DIN 976-1 standards respectively.