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1 December 2016

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December 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • Highlights of this issue:
  • SCNZ Welcomes New Manager
  • Earthquake Damage Concerns
  • Comments Required on New Composite Design Standard
  • New Structural Steel Fabrication And Erection Standard, AS/NZS 5131
  • SCNZ Mourns Dealth of Dedicated Industry Expert Kevin Spring
  • SCNZ Recognises Achievements of Steel Design Student
  • Go Online to SCNZ Technical Support


October 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • SCNZ Sets Steel Agenda With Successful Conference And AGM
  • SFC To Become Mandatory For All SCNZ Fabricator Members
  • Three New SFC Certified Fabricators Celebrated at Steel Agenda
  • Congratulations To Our Apprentice Of The Year Winner
  • 2016/2017 Chairman and Vice-Chairman Elected
  • SCNZ Appoints New Manager
  • Spare Industry Capacity Trend Continues Into 2017
  • New Member Fabricator’s Area
  • New Steel Guidance Note Published – Fully Tensioned High Strength Bolts
  • SCNZ Tutors Victoria University Architectural Students


August 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • Steel Agenda Fast Approaching
  • SCNZ Staffing Changes
  • Standards Update
  • SCNZ Calls On Fabricators To Help Boost Market Confidence
  • 2016 NZ Bridges Summit
  • Continued Success Of Regional Fabricator Forums
  • Free Online Resources Now Available To All Members
  • Take Advantage of HERA Training For Welding Inspectors And Inspectors
  • 11th Pacific Structural Steel Conference


June 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • Steel Agenda on the Horizon
  • Last call for Entries – SCNZ Apprentice of the Year
  • Case Study: University of Auckland Science Tower
  • NZIQS Explores Building for the Future
  • Upcoming “Design and Analysis of Welded Connedtions” Seminar
  • The Story of SCNZ
  • Securing the Future of our Industry
  • Steel Update: Standards and Compliance Guidelines


April 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • Search Begins for the SCNZ Apprentice of the Year
  • New Report on Fabricator Charge Out Rates
  • 45% Spare Capacity Revealed by Industry Snapshot Report
  • Substituting Grades of Steel – Use of Alternative Steels
  • Ensuring Integrity when Welding Imported Steel Containing Boron
  • SCNZ Publishes Fabricator Guidance on Warranties and Guarantees


February 2016
Highlights of this issue:

  • SCNZ’s Position on Government Procurement
  • Fabsec F-Beam Software Remains Free to NZ User Development of Industry Guidance on Structural Fire Design of Steel framed Car Park Buildings
  • New Report to Boost Market Confidence


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